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Super Sunday 26th of January, 2003

Supa Bowl Picks 16:45 EST by ike

It's about a half hour until kickoff, and here are the predictions:

Wu's got the Raiders winning 97-3.

Kirk likes the Raiders by 10, 27-17.

Chittim's taking the Raiders by a point, 21-20.

Ken B thinks it's Raiders by 2 pts, while Barbara B's says Raiders by two touchdowns.

On the other side of the ledger, the kid that goes by 'Jersey' down here likes the Bucs by a pt, 24-23.

My buddy John says Bucs by 7.

Carol, the hotel waitress, starting talking trash when I told her I was from CA -- she's taking the Bucs by at least 10.

Cousin Scott doesn't know which team will win, only that the score will be 27-23.

As for me, I'm going into Scott's camp, but I've got the winner: Raiders by 4, 27-23.

Friday 24th January, 2003

Arctic Temps, Regulation Games, and Some Pics 13:00 EST by ike

Sure, I packed my bathing suit. I packed a couple pairs of shorts. I even packed some t-shirts. What I should have packed was my winter hat and a parka: wind chill this morning brought the temperature into the teens. Thanks a lot, Daytona Beach...

So, to prevent us from catching pneumonia, the instructors have kept us indoors the last two days, shivering in the non-heated ballroom, going over the rulebook exclusively, covering such exhilirating topics as what constitutes a regulation, suspended, tie or no game. Joy. We have less than 10 working days left to prove what we're capable of doing on the field, so all the students are a little antsy to get outside and work...

On the bright side, I managed to upload some pictures -- enjoy...

Sunrise Over the Beach

View of the Main Drag

My Field

Umpires in 'Formation'

The Instructors
(Back Row L-R: Paul, Sam, Randy, Jerry, Harry, Hunter, Dana, Larry, Eddie)
(Front Row L-R: Brian, Rob, Brian, Andy, Steve, Scott, Ray, Brent, Josh, Brian, Josh)


Me, Biggy and Damian

The Puerto Rican Trio (left to right, Axel, Rafael and Idel)

The Space Shuttle 'Columbia'

Major League Umpire Larry Vanover Checking Out the Shuttle

Florida Sunset

If you have a Super Bowl pick, send it to me and I'll post them all together...

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