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Campy (Delaware)  Email


These pics bring back good memories of our days in Daytona. I iwsh you lots of luck in whatever you decide to do. Keep in touch.


2004-09-16 15:53:30  Comment
 Campy  Trash
 Campy  38

Tackelberry (Minnesota)  Male  Email

Ike-Just saw the site today for the first time---nice job---never will forget you tossing Waterloo's manager and seeing him throw the sunglasses, hat and kick dirt all over the plate---I should have tossed Tom that night too----Hope to ehar from you soon---think I am now too old (32) to go back to Harry's but wish I could....BEST WISHES!!!! TACKELBERRY

2004-07-21 10:23:41  Comment
 Tackelberry  Trash
 Tackelberry  34

Katie Ressie (Saint Cloud, MN)  Female  Email

Hey Ike,
I met you when my friend Brittany went on a little blind date with your umping partner Mike. Just seeing how you are doing and where you are now

2004-07-19 12:12:33  Comment
 Katie Ressie  Trash
 Katie Ressie  33

konnue (Wichita, KS)  Male

i was umpiring in the northwoods league with you, ike. i think you need to brush up on your game with the ladies. . .particularly the ones that wear miniskirts.

if you're ever in wichita, i'll hook you up with a conference room.

2004-05-20 18:48:16  Comment
 konnue  Trash
 konnue  32

Ben Mandelker (Los Angeles)  Male  Email

Perhaps there should be a vegas post on IkeTheUmp?

2004-05-08 21:26:06  Comment
 Ben Mandelker  Trash
 Ben Mandelker  31

Matt Brock (Pismo Beach, Ca.)  Male  Email

Hey Ike..I was on your field at Harry's in '03 and I worked the Central Baseball League with some other grads from school. Just drop me an email sometime and let me know what you are up to now!


2004-01-29 03:01:45  Comment
 Matt Brock  Trash
 Matt Brock  30

James Gips (New Rochelle, NY)  Male  Email

Good stuff Ike. I'm also a 2003 Wendelstedt grad.
I never met you, but wish you luck. Keep on umping ! I miss Greg's lunches. Good meatloaf.
"These are outs", "You will be moving."
"...8,9,10, spinner."

2003-12-16 03:59:16  Comment
 James Gips  Trash
 James Gips  28

Ben (Los Angeles)  Male  Email

Ike, your website is always a fun reststop on my cyber travels. I plan to upgrade it to a regular member of my bored-at-work website rotation.

2003-10-20 15:14:00  Comment
 Ben  Trash
 Ben  25

Tyler Funneman (Illinois)  Male  Email

I hope you remember me. Seeing all of your pictures brings back great memories for me in the "Woods" league. I hope you had as much fun and learned as much as I did. Good Luck to you.

2003-10-08 00:50:18  Comment
 Tyler Funneman  Trash
 Tyler Funneman  24

Sahil (Aseem's Little Brother) (Boston, MA)  Email

Great Website. Keep up the good work. Go Red Sox!

Sahil - Aseem's little bro

2003-10-01 22:22:48  Comment
 Sahil (Aseem's Little Brother)  Trash
 Sahil (Aseem's Little Brother)  23

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